Bangladesh is a small u . S . A . In south-east Asia. It become formerly the a part of

Indian sub continent. Later after the department of India via British ruler it related up with Pakistan and took the name of East Pakistan. After being 23 years underneath Pakistani rulers East Pakistan got here to war with west Pakistan and warfare with potent West Pakistan for freedom. After a bloody battle of 9 months East Pakistan came into the world map as a sovereign united states of america. This previously East Pakistan is now known as Bangladesh. Visit :- รีวิวบังคลาเทศ

Emergence of Bangladesh isn’t an easy idea. Here an old and famous civilization passed off in the beyond time about hundreds years in the past. At first Bangladesh turned into divided into many parts and lots of state changed into positioned right here. Their numbers had been approximately 6. One of them was as Bongo. Many professionals think from this Bongo name the name of Bangladesh became originated. Those parts were dominated with the aid of many rulers and lots of powerful rulers dominated here. At 1610 AD this part become won via Muslim ruler. After that many ruler comes right here and ruled here.

In 1757 AD after the defeat of Nauyab Muhammad Shiraz Uddaula, British spread their colonial rule over Bangla, Bihar and Orissa. That changed into the beginning of British rule in Indian sub continent and dominated approximately 2 hundreds years. After the defeat of that Polashi struggle British East India Company took the complete manage of Indian Subcontinent. They earned monopoly commercial enterprise benefit in India and installation colonial system right here. Then Bangladesh changed into now not on present shape. With the passage of time British Empire became weaker and its colonies have become impartial. In that time exceptional chief of Indian Subcontinent got here ahead for his or her independence and as result extremely good beginning of Pakistan and India took place in the history of world. Bangladesh will become part of Pakistan with the call of East Pakistan on the idea of religion.

Beginning of Pakistan became on basis of identical religion. But with the exchange of time West Pakistan began to make discrimination with humans of East Pakistan. Then centre of Pakistan changed into located on West Pakistan. As a result West Pakistan got all blessings and overseas assist and all of the time East Pakistan changed into deprived of. At first time West Pakistan tried to make Urdu as national language of Pakistan. This made East Pakistan greater frustrated and angry. On 1952 a historic motion named Akhushe February befell. This motion became the seed of delivery of Bangladesh. After that special time distinct incident made first-class way of independence of Bangladesh. Such as: status quo of Awami League, 6 point decision by Sheik Muzibor Rahman, false Agortola conspiracy case. At closing Awami League received at the election of 1970. That made the politics greater exciting. On twenty sixth March night Pakistani militia attacked preferred people of East Pakistan. That become a noteworthy night time in the records of Bangladesh.

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