The above article identify is taken from verses of Holy Scripture written in the Book

of The Apocalypse or Book of The Revelation of John as given to him via Yashua Messiah:

Revelation eleven:eight-9 (KJV) And their lifeless bodies shall lie in the street of The Great City, which spiritually is referred to as Sodom and Egypt, in which also our Lord become crucified. Nine And they of the human beings and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their lifeless bodies three days and an half, and shall no longer go through their lifeless bodies to be installed graves. Visit :- เมืองในอียิปต์

Now these Holy Scriptures are an indispensable a part of the quick narrative about the preaching, coaching sports and bravery of The Two Witnesses in The Last Days of The Last Days. Here we will see that once the of completion of their work for Yashua Messiah they are each lifeless with their bodies mendacity in the road, of The Great City having been killed by The Devil himself. This is because of the truth that nobody else became effective sufficient to silence them. This tells us that such is going to be their Holy Spiritual Power. I say “going to be” due to the fact this occasion is still future, so do not accept as true with all of us who says otherwise.

However, I am now not stepping into the who is, whys and wherefores of The Two Witnesses and their identities, as I do now not recognize who they’re, however what I do recognize is the identity of The Great City that’s SPIRITUALLY called SODOM and EGYPT where Yashua Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ) changed into crucified.

Now manifestly many will, and do, declare that The Great City is Jerusalem, however is that this accurate? Let’s see if it stacks up. The first query we should ask is wherein, precisely, was Yashua Messiah crucified? Was it truly in Jerusalem? No, under no circumstances, it turned into out of doors the gates of the metropolis at a vicinity called “The Place of a Skull.” We must remember that as soon as out of doors the city walls of historic cities you had been not in that town.

Moreover, there was a law at that time of both The Canaanite Jews and The Romans that no executions may want to take vicinity inside the city partitions of their towns. Executions always had to take region without the city partitions and so it was that inside near proximity to Jerusalem there has been this location known as The Place of A Skull wherein executions took place. This area known as The Place of A Skull turned into otherwise referred to as Calvary via the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion, and that word comes from the Latin phrases ‘Calvaria’ or ‘Calvi capitis’. These phrases bring with them a sure significance which I will return to later.

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